Interview with the Sensational & Sophisticated Natalie Sady from THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA



Natalie Sady is a successful Melbourne model and TV presenter. She has worked in the entertainment industry since she was a child. She has appeared in countless catalogues, television commercials and have always been popular on the catwalk. Natalie eventually made the move to television presenting. After being the most photographed woman at Flemington racecourse for a decade, it was a natural progression that she co-hosted Moonee Valley TV for the 2008-2009 Night Racing season. Most recently Natalie was a contestant on Channel 10’s The Bachelor Australia. She may not have won Tim’s heart, but she did win over Australia with her frank and down-to-earth manner. Currently Natalie is focusing on her television pursuits, along with being very active in the Palm Oil cause and speaking out against domestic violence.

Q1. What’s your favourite animal from a Cheetah, Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Panther, Jaguar, or a Wolf, and why?

A1. My favourite of the animals listed would have to be a Lion! It is the king of the jungle and such a magnificent animal. The lion never needs to prove himself, he just goes about his life secure in who he is. The lion is a true symbol of strength and beauty.

Q2. What’s your favourite casual outfit?

A2. It would have to be a pair of jeans, with a cool t-shirt and my Adidas sneakers. Comfy and I can do pretty much anything that life throws at me when I’m wearing that.

Q3. What’s your favourite item of jewellery?

A3. My jade ring that I wear every day. It was my mum’s and after she passed, it helps me to feel like I always have her with me.

Q4. What’s your favourite fashion accessory?

A4. A good pair of sunglasses! They can make you look amazing, even if you’re make up free, they help protect you from the UV rays and they can just finish an outfit perfectly.

Q5. What is your favourite perfume?

A5. At the moment it’s Chanel’s Chance Eau Tendre.

Q6. What’s your sexiest item of clothing?

A6. I actually think the sexiest thing anyone can wear is their self confidence. With that you can feel sexy in a pair of jeans or the most beautiful gown.

Q7. What is the one global cause that you believe in?

A7. There are so many causes here it’s difficult to pick one. I work with 3 causes that are so close to my heart. Bullying is such a huge one for me. People online can be horrendous to others and we as a society, need to learn that it’s not OK. The issue of palm oil and the destruction of the rain forests in Borneo and Sumatra is such a powerful one! The main thing here is that greed overrides the care for our environment, the animals that need to live there and the future of our earth. Then there is the issue of homelessness I work with The Melbourne Period Project, who amongst other things provide feminine hygiene products for women and transgender people who are sleeping rough. The issue of homelessness is such a huge global issue and so layered, but we need to do better.

You can follow Natalie Sady on Instagram here, visit her website here, LIKE her Facebook page here, and visit her YouTube channel here.

Wishing you continued success…

Praz aka Prashant

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